Trump Just Said 4 Words to Roy Moore that Has Supporters Cheering!

President Donald Trump has decided to throw his support behind Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore this week, giving the besieged politician the boost of support that he needs to persevere and win the difficult race ahead of him.

Moore campaign consultant Drew Messer broke the news of Trump’s decision with the above post on Twitter, telling his followers “Donald Trump called Roy Moore this morning. Great conversation. His parting words were ‘Go get them Roy.’ Thank you, POTUS, for supporting the Judge.” Messer went on to tell Breitbart news that Trump called Moore a fighter, and pledged to support the candidate however he can.

Moore’s wife also confirmed that a productive phone call was held on Monday, posting “Judge Moore just got off the phone with President Trump – we have his full support! Thank you Mr. President! Let’s MAGA!” to her Facebook page.

Trump himself also tweeted his support on his own page, telling his followers that he needs Moore’s “vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more,” before going on to call his opponent, Doug Jones, a puppet of the Pelosi/Schumer racket.

Moore, many believe, will support the President’s pledge to drain the Washington swamp, and it is speculated that because of his dedication many of the entrenched elite in the capital have mustered up the false sexual allegations in an attempt to discredit him amongst his constituents.

Despite the support of our President, however, Moore still has a tough road ahead of him. According to the LA Times, Doug Jones has ” launched ‘the most robust get-out-the-vote program Alabama has seen in a generation’ with volunteers knocking on more than 100,000 doors and making some 800,000 phone calls in the last month and a half,” and seems to have the support of many in the mainstream media and the entrenched elites behind him.

For Moore to win, the people of Alabama are going to need to turn out in force, and show the country once again that the Great Silent Majority is here, and that we will be heard, no matter how much the media and the politicians try to keep us quiet!

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