Christians Are Celebrating What President Trump Just Did — This Is a Miracle!

President Donald Trump just took a major foreign policy step that will make Christians and Jews alike happy this holiday season. The President won the 2016 election in a landslide against Democrat Hillary Clinton on a platform of conservative, Christian values. After eight years of the Obama administration’s liberal social-engineering, the American people were hungry for a return to traditional morality.

The White House announced Wednesday that the United States now officially recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that the State Department will begin the process of moving the embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

It might be unclear to the casual reader why that policy change is so important. Jerusalem is, after all, the de facto capital of Israel: the Israeli parliament, the prime minister’s office, and the president’s residence are all located there. Israelis have long considered Jerusalem their capital.

Check out the history, per Breitbart:

The Old Testament describes in 2 Samuel 5 how King David conquered the city and made it his capital, over 3000 years ago. It later describes in 1 Kings 8 how David’s son, King Solomon, built the Holy Temple and installed the Ark of the Covenant there. Since then, Jews have always faced Jerusalem in their daily prayers. It is the center of the Jewish faith and the core of Jewish history.

The Bible also tells the story of how the Jews were exiled from Jerusalem by the Babylonians, and later returned to rebuild the Temple. Another exile happened after 70 A.D., when the Romans destroyed the Second Temple and the city itself. Still, many Jews remained, and Jews worldwide prayed for 2,000 years for a return to “Zion.” Jews have been the largest ethnic group in Jerusalem for nearly 200 years, and a majority since the mid-nineteenth century.

Of course, the mainstream media is reporting imminent danger and the threat of war… But Trump’s oft-repeated campaign promise to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv is really just a recognition of the historical and current reality there.

Any presidential pronouncement, even when described as Trump’s personal opinion, is a break from Washington’s painstakingly maintained position of neutrality. The establishment line for years has been that the city’s ultimate fate must be determined through Israeli-Palestinian negotiation.

Well, this President has never towed the line and it doesn’t look like he’s starting now.

What do you think of the President’s move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem?

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