True Identity of Gay Couple in Colorado Bakery Case Revealed — They’re Not Who You Think They Are…

The case of the cake shop owner who would not decorate a cake for a homosexual couple has made its way to the Supreme Court this week, and now shocking revelations have come out about the couple at the center of the suit. The two, it seems, are not innocents being unfairly discriminated against, but are actually callous, vindictive bullies, according to the latest reports.

As the Daily Wire explains, “rather than respond like empathetic, decent, civilized human beings, Mullins and Craig [the two who requested the cake] decided to embark on a five-year campaign to ruin Phillips and destroy his business.” Jack Phillips, the devout Christian owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, says that because of their relentless attacks on his business, he was forced to lay off half of his workforce and lost a huge chunk of his business.

And he wasn’t just losing business and employees either. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission mandated that Phillips can no longer personally make any cakes for his customers, and he was also forced to provide gay-friendly “reeducation”  seminars to his employees to teach them not to discriminate.

There is also speculation that Mullins and Craig specifically targetted Mr. Phillips, knowing that the shop owner’s strong Christian beliefs would prevent him from adding the flamboyant, over the top decorations to the cake like they asked for. As the Daily Wire says,  “if all they wanted was a cake, and their request was completely innocent, and they truly did not expect to be turned away, then their behavior over the following five years is inexplicable and deranged to an unbelievable extreme. They have, by this version of events, spent half a decade angrily exacting revenge on a man because he didn’t want to put gay-themed decorations on a dessert pastry.”

The case in question, it seems, is not simply one about LGBT rights.  It is a battle for the First Amendment and for our right to free speech. Mullin and Craig seem to believe that a special exception should be made to this hallowed piece of legislation, and that just because of their sexual orientation they should be afforded special privileges. They do not want Phillips to make other cakes for lewd bachelorette parties or other events that might be unacceptable, only that he be forced to make a gay themed cake even if it is against his beliefs.

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