Special Counsel Robert Mueller Just Got the WORST NEWS of His Life — He’s Done!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed by former President George W. Bush and ran the FBI from 2001 to 2013. Despite reports to the contrary, he’s not the fast-charging Republican law man that he’s been made out to be…

The New York Times and the Washington Post blew the Russia-collusion probe wide open this weekend when both outlets reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller dismissed FBI agent Peter Strzok over anti-Trump texts he sent to an FBI lawyer.

You might also remember Peter Strzok’s name from another noteworthy scandal in recent memory… he was also a lead investigator in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email investigation! He reportedly interviewed two top Clinton aides and was later behind the change of language Comey used to describe her behavior — changing the wording from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”

Strzok was also involved in the interview of Michael Flynn, who was subsequently charged last week for lying to the FBI.

Unfortunately for Bob Mueller, things just keep getting worse! The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board issued a scathing op-ed on Tuesday, calling on Mueller to resign over this latest controversy.

Check it out, per Breitbart:

The Wall Street Journal increased the pressure on embattled FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday with a scathing op-ed from its editorial board, calling on Mueller to resign over the controversy surrounding a lead investigator’s anti-Trump texts.

The Journal’s editorial board argued Tuesday that the scandal is reason for Mueller to stand down, noting that Mueller and the Justice Department had kept the information from investigators in the House, and refused to allow Strzok to be interviewed.

The board, which can not accurately be described as “pro-Trump,” argues in addition to the FBI’s questionable moves and stonewalling — including about possible connections to the Fusion GPS “Trump dossier” — it is far from clear if Mueller can be trusted to run the probe.

Here’s the real deal from The Wall Street Journal:

All of this reinforces our doubts about Mr. Mueller’s ability to conduct a fair and credible probe of the FBI’s considerable part in the Russia-Trump drama. Mr. Mueller ran the bureau for 12 years and is fast friends with Mr. Comey, whose firing by Mr. Trump triggered his appointment as special counsel. The reluctance to cooperate with a congressional inquiry compounds doubts related to this clear conflict of interest.

The latest news supports our view that Mr. Mueller is too conflicted to investigate the FBI and should step down in favor of someone more credible. The investigation would surely continue, though perhaps with someone who doesn’t think his job includes protecting the FBI and Mr. Comey from answering questions about their role in the 2016 election.

Should Robert Mueller step down? Can he be trusted to be impartial?

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