Liberals Cry ‘Racism’ About Military Helicopter Names — Then Army Major Reveals THE TRUE STORY…

Apparently, they know little about the history behind all of those meaningful names. Well, the good employees at the U.S. Army Aviation Museum in Fort Rucker, Alabama decided to give them a little lesson in national history…

Three years ago Maj. Crispin Burke, an active duty U.S. Army aviator, spoke with the museum’s employees. He explained that the tradition started with Army Gen. Hamilton Howze, who basically designed the United States’ helicopter strategy.

“According to the museum director, early Army helicopters had relatively benign names like Hoverfly,” Burke reported. “That apparently didn’t sit well with Gen. Hamilton Howze, one of the pioneers of air-mobile warfare.”

Gen. Howze envisioned the helicopter as a fast and stealthy machine that used terrain and vegetation to its advantage, just like the warrior tribes of the American Southwest.

As a direct result of Howze’s direction and influence, the Army commissioned a copter named the H-13 Sioux in 1947.

And the rest is history…

“Piston-powered whirlybirds like the Shawnee, Choctaw, and Chickasaw soon followed,” Burke noted. “In 1959, the Army christened its first turbine-powered helicopter the UH-1 Iroquois, although aircrews would universally refer to their beloved ride as the Huey.”

In the 1960s, the military broke with tradition and named a new helicopter after a snake. Some Native American leaders actually took offense that the new aircraft wasn’t named for a American Indian tribe. It’s funny because Army officials broke with that tradition in an effort to not offend Native Americans, but the gesture actually backfired!

The military ended up returning to their prior naming convention of giving new helicopters names that honored Native Americans.

Though the powers on the left demonize the armed services for naming their aircraft after American Indians, the reality is that the military is honoring them.

Is this another example of liberals getting their facts all twisted up?

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