ICE Makes HUGE Bust Of Illegal Aliens in NYC — Agents SHOCKED at What They Found…

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers just announced that they have wrapped up a massive, six-day long operation targetting illegal immigrants hiding in New York City, a sanctuary city notorious for allowing illegals to go free despite direct orders to do otherwise.

According to a spokesperson for the agency, ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officers started their operation on November 13 and finished it just before Thanksgiving, netting a total of 55 illegal aliens. The vast majority of these illegals had actually previously been in NYPD custody and were released despite a detainer order, telling local precincts to hold onto them until ICE agents could arrive and verify their situations.

“Forty-two of the 55 arrested during this operation were released from New York custody with an active detainer, which poses an increased risk to the officers and the community,” ICE spokesperson Thomas Decker wrote in a statement released to the press. “It is important for city residents to know that although the City of New York releases inmates with active ICE detainers back into their community, ICE will be diligent in its responsibility to find those who come to the United States to prey upon our communities and ultimately have them removed from the country.”

Most of those who were brought into custody came from the country of Mexico, however the rest came from all over the world, including  Jamaica, Ecuador, Honduras, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Yemen, Bangladesh, France, Guyana, Jordan, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Trinidad, Yemen, Serbia, and Egypt. Many of them also had lengthy criminal records, such as one Honduran national who had a total of 18 pending charges, and a Guyanese man who had convictions for kidnapping and assault on his record.

This latest crackdown is hopefully a sign of things to come, and sends a clear message to illegal immigrants all across this country: sanctuary cities can’t save you, and your days of living here and taking advantage of this country are numbered!

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