WaPo Spreads Vicious Lie About Trump’s Tax Plan — Then Brit Hume Annihilates Them With the Truth!


The CIA’s Washington Post has come out swinging against a very ugly GOP tax bill, using outright disinformation (a favorite art of The Agency) to whip up outrage against any potential legislative victory for President Trump.

The Propaganda Community, much like the Intelligence Community, spread the news without verifying it like responsible, objective journalists are supposed to do. It was left to Fox News’ Brit Hume to point out the gross lie.

According to the Independent Journal Review (IJR), the WaPo article states, “Trump has promised Americans ‘huge’ tax cuts, but only 44 percent of taxpayers would see their tax bills reduced by more than $500 in 2019, according to JCT’s analysis of the winners and losers in the plan.”

Cue the choreographed liberal hysteria:

The New York Magazine calls the tax cuts a “horror” that is “the second-most-unpopular major piece of legislation in recorded history” which will sweep the Democrats back into power come 2018. Fortune called it “the biggest wealth grab in modern history.”

Hey media, triggered much?

The finished and ugly product of the Senate and the House, called the ‘Tax Cut and Jobs Act’, has reportedly $1.5 trillion in tax cuts and is being lauded as the biggest set of tax cuts ever.

The news, even if greatly exaggerated, had to be deflated by the media, hence the WaPo piece.

While the article was accepted as gospel by the MSM, Hume tweeted out some comfortable truth.

Referencing the WaPo’s headline claim that 38 percent of Americans would not get a sizeable tax cut, Hume said, “Hardly surprising since roughly that percent of Americans pay no federal income taxes.”

Hume’s claim comes from a Tax Policy Center updated study that found that 45.3 percent of Americans do not pay taxes, so how can they get ‘sizeable cuts’?

This is just more ‘fake news’ from the Deep State.

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