NFL Announces Massive Drop in Ticket Prices — Fans Say, “Sorry… Too Late!”

The self-delusion of the 2016 election has mutated and is now evident in the body of sports media. While some organizations use smoke and mirrors to present a case that NFL ticket sales are not down precipitously, others are compiling lists of ancillary causes to mask the ‘Trump effect’ on the League.

Conservative Fighters writes that the NFL’s coddling of black supremacism expressed by its players is indeed having an impact with “game attendance at such lows that team owners were promoting tickets for as little as $29 in a desperate attempt to fill stadiums across the country.”

Using the Baltimore Sun as a source, Fighters writes, “the NFL’s Ravens –who have sold out every single home game since the team landed in Maryland more than 20 years ago- were promoting massive discounted tickets in the hopes angry fans would return to the game.

“League officials and the team’s owner were stunned when tickets for Sunday’s sold-out game flooded the resale market, where thousands of Raven’s fans dumped tickets in nearly every section of the stadium –some for as little as $29.”

Every week players earn their multi-millions in nearly empty stadiums, a phenomenon that has cost the League $500 million in lost revenue so far this year.

It was a trend noted as early as Week 3 of the League. The Washington Examiner noted back in September that sales for that week were down 17.9 percent, a stunning sign of collapse.

Poindexter columnist Terry Lefton from Sports Business Journal  continues the stream of bad news for the sports franchise by noting that the “NFL looks vulnerable for the first time in memory. Ratings are off for the second straight season, and we hear from licensees that sales of NFL-logoed products are down considerably.”

Fans are speaking loud and clear that they are outraged by the NFL’s condoning of player kneeling during the national anthem.

But owners and even some advertisers are not listening.

“Those most vocal are always the most negative,” complains Elizabeth Lindsey, an employeefrom a PR firm that represents NFl advertisers Nationwide, Microsoft and Pepsi. “We tell all our clients not to be swayed by extreme points of view, and not to jump to any decision.”

That kind of delusion did not turn out well for Democrats in 2016 and it will be the death knell for liberal activists in the business and sports world.


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