John McCain’s RINO Buddy Just Showed His True Colors — What a Jerk!

Senator Jeff Flake (R-Az), has earned his surname by using his career in the Senate, which comes to an end in 2018, as a liberal suppliant to the Establishment. With his buddy, John McCain, he has been the useful idiot for the Never Trumpers.

On December 5, Flake tweeted out a picture of a $100 check he had written out for the Democrat candidate in the Alabama Senate race, Doug Jones. In the memo line Flake penned, ‘Country over Party’, reports The Hill.

What are the odds that Jeff Fake envisioned himself as the reincarnation of the fiery Patrick Henry bellowing out, “Give me liberty or give me death”?

Jones is currently trailing Republican candidate Roy Moore, someone who gets Fake’s panties in a bunch ostensibly for being so anti-Muslim.  A hot mic incident in November, however, revealed Fake’s real (haha) motivation.

Following a tax reform conference in Mesa, Arizona, Fake was caught talking to the local mayor, John Giles, about how the people were rebelling against the Establishment GOP.

ABC quotes Fake as saying, “If we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast.”

Oh Fake, you have no idea. And it is such elitist chicanery as your petty check writing that fuels what will be an explosion of righteous popular anger against you and your ilk.

Steve Bannon, former Trump advisor and Executive Editor at Breitbart, referred to Fake and his check as a “total embarrassment”.

Fake’s actions also did not sit well with many on line either.

Twitter user Collin Rugg tweeted, “Since we now know that Jeff Flake cares about “Country over Party” why hasn’t he called on Al Franken to resign? Oh yeah. Because at the end of the day, the swamp will always protect the swamp.”


A post by a user named Falco was even better:

“Flakey Jeff Flake, tries to make a “statement” by donating a measly $100 to Democrat Doug Jones. #ALSen

“If Country over Party is SO important, why not donate your usual $1,000👇🏻 or the max $2,700?

“Flake, the only statement you’ve made is you’re a traitor & cheapskate.”



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