EXPOSED: More Details Emerge in FBI Cover Up of Hillary’s Crimes — This is Infuriating!

Peter Strzok is a political hack. In fact, he is the poster boy of a corrupt civil servant abandoning his pledge to respect the Constitution and his professional duties in order to carry out the agenda of his shadow masters.

Thanks to him, General Michael Flynn had his career tainted, his life ruined and may face prison for lying to FBI investigators, with Strzok being one of the two agents he spoke with, reports the Daily Caller.

Strzok was also the prime investigator in the questioning of Hillary Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin in regards to Hillary’s criminal use of a private server. They also lied to the agent but walked away with not even a slap on the wrist.


Welcome to the lawless double-standard reign of the shadow oligarchy.

When Strzok interviewed Mills and Abedin he obtained statements from them that they knew nothing about the private server until 2013. These claims, however, are lies in light of the fact that emails exist in which both women discuss the server specifically as early as 2010.

Where is the obstruction of justice charge for Mills and Abedin?

The Caller notes that, as Rep. Jason Chaffetz suggested, “Mills would have had an incentive to deny knowing about the server during Clinton’s State Department tenure because it would allow her to cite attorney-client privilege to avoid discussing certain aspects of Clinton’s email setup. Mills began working as one of Clinton’s lawyers just after they left the State Department.”

Shortly after Strzok interviewed the two women, he was kicked out of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt party after his strong Clinton bias was exposed during texts with his mistress, FBI lawyer and Mueller assistant, Lisa Page.

The removal was too late.


It is now known that not only did Strzok play favorites with witness statements, but he also helped craft then-FBI Director’s testimony before Congress concerning Hillary’s use of a private server by changing the words “’grossly negligent’ — a term which has legal weight — with the softer phrase, ‘extremely careless’”.

What we have here is one of the undisputable agents of the Deep State. Remember his name and his face! His time will come!


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