After Liberals Complain About Trump Tax Deal, Pat Sajak Silences Them With One SCORCHING Tweet…

The centerpiece of liberal policies is the lucre ripped from the hard work of millions of Americans. We live in a nation that was hoodwinked into a progressive and confiscatory income taxation system that is unconstitutional. That did not matter, however. The Left needed a tool to destroy the middle class through the redistribution of wealth and they got it like they obtained everything else they have, through hook and crook.

Modern day liberals have wrapped up this sordid affair with much fluff and misdirection. Former Vice President Joe Biden once called the turning over of earned money a ‘patriotic duty’ and that pretty much encapsulates the sugarcoating the Left uses.

Last week Congress agreed to a tax bill that instantly had Democrats apoplectic. The usual chant of ‘No tax cuts for the rich’ wafted through Capitol Hill and in the editorial offices of the major fake news organizations. The reaction on social media was just as, if not a bit more, unhinged:

To this cacophony of lunacy, reports Conservative Fighters, celebrity Pat Sajak waded in on Twitter. On December 2 he posted. “Reminder to all: tax rates are merely legal minimums. You are free to send as much as you’d like.”

What are the chances that any one of those complaining about tax cuts will chip in to make up for the gap? After all, nearly 45 percent of Americans pay little to no taxes, while the rich elites like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Biden and Obama can more than afford to help out.

What is your reaction?

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