BREAKING: Another Democrat Rep. Used Secret ‘Slush Fund’ to Silence Sex Abuse Victim — This Is Unbelievable!

Another Democrat has just been exposed using a controversial congressional “slush fund” in 2006 to cover up sexual harassment allegations. The congressman was not actually accused himself of sexual harassment, but a former staffer said that she was harassed by him and his office after she reported sexual abuse by an employee of a donor to the congressman.

This is a pretty bizarre situation…

Check out the details, per Daily Caller:

The Office of House Employment Counsel brokered a settlement in 2006 over allegations that Rep. Gregory Meeks fired a staffer in retaliation for reporting that she was sexually assaulted at a business tied to a campaign contributor, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Andrea Payne, then a congressional aide in the New York Democrat’s Queens office, filed a complaint with the Office of Compliance, and Meeks fired her weeks later. He admitted that Payne’s termination did not have to do with the quality of her work, according to her lawsuit.

The U.S. Congress Office of Compliance uses taxpayer money to pay out financial settlements to resolve allegations of sexual abuse, discrimination and other workplace violations by members.

Payne’s lawsuit alleges that she visited Flowers Physical Therapy after she was injured in a car accident. That facility is owned by Neville Flowers, whose wife Joan is an important campaign fundraiser for Rep. Meeks.

A physical therapist working there allegedly assaulted Payne and she subsequently filed a lawsuit.

Here’s more:

Payne filed a complaint with the Congressional Office of Compliance, which is in charge of enforcing labor laws. On Oct. 10, 2000, she wrote to the House Ethics Committee to say she believed her overtime issue was retaliation for her lawsuit against the donor’s company.

Less than two weeks later, Meeks fired her, saying “I just don’t feel that this is working,” the lawsuit alleges. An employee testified that the New York office manager “admitted to her that Ms. Payne was fired because she sent the letter to the House Ethics Committee,” according to the lawsuit.

Democrats Rep. John Conyers and former Rep. Eric Massa used the same agency to secretly settle their accusations of sexual harassment. This is looks like it’s becoming a trend in liberal politics!

What a hypocrite… Take a look at this video of Rep. Meeks condemning the actions of Rep. Conyers:

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